Dealing with Insecurity

Hi! I am super excited you decided to read this week’s brief. Let’s get into it

We would start with a definition of the subject matter, Insecurity means not being confident in yourself and in your capabilities. Insecurity manifests in different ways most of which are easily identifiable and the truth is all of us at some point in time have struggled with it and many of us still do. In simpler terms, to be insecure means to not feel secure or safe.

There are some common pointers that can be used to identify if a person is insecure this is not an exhaustive list and its not meant to be used to condemn anyone instead it should be used to understand this post better

  1. An inability to accept compliments. For example: That shirt looks really good on you. Insecure Response: :LOL it is actually my brothers shirt
  2. A habit of putting your success in peoples faces. For example: I just got an iPhone 8, Insecure Response: oh I got an iPhone 12
  3. A habit of judging people

4. Depending on other people to make you happy. For example depending on who you are dating for happiness such that your happiness is dictated by their actions

Does being insecure mean that you are not a child of God or that you do not have the Holy-Spirit? The answer is NO but the caveat is being insecure means you cannot do great things for God and quite frankly, if you do not do great things for God here on earth where would you do it? Also putting in mind that YHWH is not a God of mediocrity.

At this point you can probably identify a few of the people in your circle that are insecure or maybe your mind is calling some names yeah? If that is your case this is what I want you to do: Take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds and as you exhale silently whisper to yourself “this post is my sub, I am standing on this table” In summary this post is not to call out your friends insecurities but our own. So keep your mind on yourself and your eyes on Jesus as we become confident from knowledge of who we are in Christ.

Nothing solves the problem of insecurity like an increased consciousness of who you are and your Understanding of who God is.

The question then is who are you and who do you believe God to be? In Matthew 16: 13–19 observe how Peter’s understanding of who God is brought about a revelation of who he (Peter) is. Because Peter understands that Jesus is the Christ, Jesus also reveals Peters identity to him by telling him “You are Peter the rock on which I would build my Church”. In simpler words, your understanding of God brings about a revelation of who you are. Such that you are confident in yourself, your God given abilities and (physical) features not by people’s opinions or Instagram likes but by your understanding of who God is. Imagine the confidence boost Peter got after Christ revealed his identity to him.

Still from the same story we can conclude that some times what causes insecurity is ignorance that is not being aware of who we are. The word of God is replete with statements of who God says we are, are you starting to understand the solution to insecurity ?

Remember how in Primary school the teacher asks the class if they understand and everybody echoes YES then then the exam comes and more than half of the class fails? That is a perfect analogy of an insecure Christian. If you don’t feel secure about yourself or what you can do it means you do not understand what God is capable of but don’t fret because God has a track record of making insecure people secure and using them greatly the same way he is going to use you. But first you must seek to understand him.

Moses the Pessimist (Exodus 3:11, Exodus 3:13–15, Exodus 4:1, Exodus 4:11–13)

Most of us remember Moses as that great man of God who heard Gods voice, spoke to him and led the children of Israel through the desert towards the promise land, we remember him as Moses that performed many signs and wonders. We do not remember how Moses gave a thousand and one excuses when he was given his mission simply because he felt he wasn’t enough. You know when you are trying to help someone by offering solutions to their problems but for every solution you offer they give you another reason why it can’t work, it is super annoying even God was angry with Moses. The man gave all the excuses and finally said God should send someone else. Such pessimism, insecurity and disrespect 😂

Jeremiah the Yoruba Man (Jeremiah 1:4)- Please use KJV for this

When God told Jeremiah that he has called him to be a Prophet to his people, telling him he had ordained him to be a Prophet before he was born Jeremiah said “Ah!” He actually said it; read it up it’s there. He was responding from his lack of understanding of who he is and who God is, saying “I do not know how to speak, I am too young”

These men, as they matured in their relationship with God gradually went on to become great and confident Prophets. Just like Jeremiah and Moses most of us have accepted the lies the world has fed us, that we are not smart enough to pass that test without cheating, not good enough to start that YouTube Channel, not pretty enough, too skinny, too fat, too lazy… Some people even go ahead and be the best they can be and they still get told they are too good and are overdoing it and that they should calm down.

The bad news is, for as long as you live (and probably even after you’ve lived your course on earth, at your funeral someone will still mention it) you will keep hearing these comments from people and more often from yourself!

The good news is that Step by Step as you mature in your understanding of Christ these comments (internal and external) would not be able to invoke the same feeling of insecurity instead you’d enjoy perfect peace in God irrespective. We can take confidence in God’s response to Jeremiahs display of insecurity Jeremiah 1:8

Practical Steps to help you win against insecurity

1. Build yourself with words Hebrews 13:6: In our kingdom words are not cheap, was it not with words that God created the whole universe and everything in it? That is why you see Believers make bold declarations about their lives because it actually works. Every time a seed (thought) of insecurity drops in your mind you have to speak out declaring what the word of God says about you to counter the thought. You don’t fight thoughts with thoughts but with words. Letting the thought sit without rebuking it it then grows into a strong tree that is harder to pull down

2. Walk in Faith because you may still feel fear after reading this but you trust that if God has promised it he is able to perform it that is what Faith is and as a matter of Fact God has promised it in 2 Timothy 2:17 we are told that the Spirit of fear has been replaced with the Spirit of power and love. This is something you can repeat to yourself every time you feel fear

3. Celebrate small victories

4. Celebrate and pray for others especially those people who’s success makes you insecure. This is a tried and tested method, if there is someone who’s success makes you feel insecure then you should spend time praying fervently for their success that way you are happy when they succeed and the insecurity vanishes.

This post was prepared based off what I heard in a sermon at Celebration Church Ikeja and was originally written in 2020



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