Welcome to 2020

As a way of introducing, this series was birth out of a desire to share what I am learning as a growing Believer. Sometimes the posts would be soft and appealing other times they would shake tables so hard your favorite church Pastors may fall off one of them, most times they would be something in between but all the time the core of the message would be demystifying the character of God and improving the life of the Believer. Everything you read here would come from what I hear in church, my Bible study and my personal day to day experiences.

The following would be true for all posts

  1. All posts would be backed up by evidence from the Bible.
  2. They’d be short-ish😬 (This is a lie)
  3. They’d touch real life issues (like God when? )not just “Thus saith the lord”
  4. As much as possible all posts would be relatable.

The original post was published on the 1st of January 2020 and has been edited and imported.



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Bread & Tea

This blog shares what I learn as I grow in the faith, you will find that as time goes on the posts get better.